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D/Generation was an immensely popular arcade adventure game in the 90'S our new HD version is on its way. The original was quoted as being "challenging well-written, attractive and most importantly fun." Here at West Coast we are trying to keep the original feel of the game while updating the graphics, models and character Models. D/Generation HD just like the original will take place in a futuristic setting, where a company, Genoq, has developed a series of genetically engineered bioweapons and soldiers which have broken free and taken control of Genoq's. Just as this happened our protagonist and courier shows up to save laboratory and possibly the world. The game will still feature an isometric view and grid based movement to keep to the original and will require brains and skill to complete. Try level one for free and lets us have your comments at kab@west-coast.biz

Install instructions

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DGenSetup.exe 330 MB